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DNA by Mark Jenest and MagicSmith $20.00

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DNA by Mark Jenest and MagicSmith

  With Mark Jenest's DNA - YOU'RE GUILTY of performing an eerie effect using an idea that's hot off the headlines.   You reveal the identity of a selected card by...
Fantasio Color Changing Lighter - Vernet Magic $12.00

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Fantasio Color Changing Lighter - Vernet Magic

Imagine borrowing a red Bic lighter, and as you pass it through your fist, it instantlychanges to white! Immediately, you show both hands absolutely empty. You can just as easily change back to red...
Fingertip Set by Vernet $22.00

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Fingertip Set by Vernet

The Vernet thumb and finger tips are quite literally the finest props of this nature you can buy.  Nobody does it better than Vernet.  The skin tone is perfect, the texture is...
Fingertip Utility by Vernet $7.00

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Fingertip Utility by Vernet

When it comes to vanishing objects, exchanging them or making them appear nothing compares to the false fingertip by Vernet Magic. The fingertip can be used where a thumb tip can't and it will...
Flaming Thumb Tip - Vernet $20.00

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Flaming Thumb Tip - Vernet

This is the ideal accessory to be used with candles routines. The Thumb Tip Flame may be used as a gag or combined with flash string or paper and for misdirectional purposes. Think about this:You...
Free Energy System $99.00

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Free Energy System

From the most powerful mind in magic.  Magical power at your fingertips! Energize yourself or another object!  Perform telekinesis!  Make cell phones to activate and more with...
Invisible Thumb Tip $16.00

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Invisible Thumb Tip

This trick was designed specifically to BURN magicians but your audience doesn't need to know that.  They'll love it because it's the cleanest vanish they're likely to ever see!...
King Size (Goblin) Thumb Tip - Vernet $8.00

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King Size (Goblin) Thumb Tip - Vernet

This Thumb Tip is about the same diameter as a regular thumb tip but it's significantly longer.  2 1/2" inches long to be exact. That means it can conceal a larger load, or multimple...
Magnetic Thumb Tip - Vernet $16.00

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Magnetic Thumb Tip - Vernet

The magnetic thumb tip from Vernet is a useful gimmick, a super strong rare earch magnet mounted inside a genuine Vernet thumb tip. Animate objects, stop watches, perform numerous PK effects with the...
Metamorphosis Bill to Butterfly $25.00

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Metamorphosis Bill to Butterfly

CLOSEOUT SPECIAL LIMITED QUANTITY WHEN THEY'RE GONE THEY'RE GONE! This may be the perfect birthday party trick... Heck, it's perfect for ANY party! An envelope is displayed and shown to...
PIERCED - Pin Thru Hand $25.00

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PIERCED - Pin Thru Hand

Pierced is shock magic at it's finest.  Here's the effect: A stick pin is displayed.  The pin is about 2 inches long and is a common type of pin used in sewing.  You offer to...
Pinkie (little) Tip - Vernet $7.00

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Pinkie (little) Tip - Vernet

This is the smallest fake fingertip available, the little or pinkie fingertip by Vernet. Crafted from the same non-reflective flesh colored plastic as the other Vernet tips, this little devil fits...
RISE - The Elemental Bill $5.00

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RISE - The Elemental Bill

Cause a dollar bill to jump off the ground and into your waiting hands simply by blowing on it!    Place that very same dollar UNDERWATER and with a snap of your fingers it RISES to the...
Silk to Egg - Vernet $10.00

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Silk to Egg - Vernet

The magician pushes a silk into his hand, gestures magically and reveals that the hand how holds an egg! Offering to explain the trick he reveals that the egg is in fact a hollow plastic egg with a...
Universal Vanisher $16.00

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Universal Vanisher

Vanish a multitude of objects with this amazing device! The Vernet Universal Vanisher is professionaly molded out of a memory plastic that can adjust to fit objects of different sizes and shapes....