Brainwave Deck - Bicycle Stock

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Dai Vernon's famous Brainwave deck is probably the most devious trick deck around.  A deck of cards is displayed and the spectator is asked to simply THINK of any card, rather than select it.  There is NO FORCE.

They are asked to name the card they are thinking of and the deck is removed from it's case.  You spread through the face down cards to reveal a lone card FACE UP in the deck.  It is the exact card they were thinking of!

Now for the kicker...  You slowly turn their selection face down to reveal that it has a different color back than the rest of the cards!  This trick really is BEYOND BELIEF!

No difficult sleight of hand is required, the deck does the work for you.  You can perform this after just a few minutes of practice.

Includes the special deck and complete instructions.

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