GPS - Guaranteed Positioning System


"If you're really psychic... Which hand is it in?"
A dollar bill and a coin are borrowed and the bill is crumpled into a ball.  Both are handed to a spectator who is instructed to take them behind their back and conceal one in each hand before bringing them back out, so there is no way you could know which hand holds the bill and which holds the coin.
You instruct the spectator to stand still with arms extended.
They hold out their fists and you extend yours in a similar manner, mirroring their actions.

You IMMEDIATELY know which hand holds the bill.
Although there is no way you could possibly know which hand holds each item you are able to correctly identify which hand holds the bill not just once, but over and over.  You never miss.  You are ALWAYS right.  This is Steve Fearson's GPS, the Guaranteed Positioning System.
  • Hands are clearly shown empty throughout the performance!
  • Nothing up your sleeves, you can do this in a bathing suit!
  • No guesswork involved.  You NAIL it each and every time!
This can be presented as a simple bar bet or built up with repetition into the most incredible feat of mentalism your audience has ever seen.

Other methods to produce a similar effects can cost several hundred, to $1000 or more.  Sophisticated electronics do not come cheap and reliable methods are invaluable.  Steve Fearson has managed to create a method that not only avoids most of the expense, it's also 100% RELIABLE.  Anything that runs on batteries can fail, it's as simple as that.  Fearson's GPS uses no batteries, rechargable or otherwise.  That's why it's called the GUARANTEED Positioning System.  It never loses it's charge, no matter how many times you use it.  So it will never let you down.  GUARANTEED.
Yes, something is concealed on your person.  To the audience though, it appears that nothing could be.  The gimmick is extremely small but it is large enough to provide a clear signal as to which hand holds the bill and which holds the coin.
Nothing is wired to your body or concealed in your clothing.  You can bring the gimmick into play when you want to perform the effect and then easily get rid of it and back into your routine.
The method is so deviously clever we're dying to share it with you.  It's like having a super-power or a sixth sense.  This is one of those rare effects that is as fun to perform as it is to experience.



"I perform 7 days a week here in Atlantic City at The Tropicana, I will be using the GPS every day and will be right every time. If you're tired of being lost, "drop a pin" on Fearson's GPS and you will always know where ITS at"
Kozak (Tropicana)



"As usual, Fearson's one-of-a-kind mind conjures forth fooling, no-nonsense, practical, and easily applied kitchen chemistry technologies to what's become a classic effect."
Paul Vigil (Mirage)


Bonus!  Alternate Gimmick-Free Presentation
Although this presentation is included as a bonus, the secret involved is worth many times the price of this package.
It is a new method recently developed by Steve Fearson that enables you to receive the signal but with no gimmicks concealed on your person.  Instead, you borrow a common object and use it to divine the location of the bill.  Also, your hand can be over one foot away when you receive the signal in this version.  If you like organic, seemingly impromptu magic you will absolutely love this additional method, which can easily be applied to other effects.

The system consists of two gimmicks.  You receive both with your package as well as full instructions and access to a private tutorial video so you can easily get started right away.  Bills of any denomination, foreign and non-paper bills can also be used.  Objects other than a coin can be used as well, several options are included.

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