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Join the Master of Levitation, Steve Fearson as he teaches you how to unleash the hidden power of the Web Spinner.

Amazing JoeJoe's Web Spinner is the All-In-One Thread Device.  It makes the thread work you already do... EASY.  It's perfect for the classics like the Floating Rose.  But the nature of the device allows for some new and exciting applications. 

You'll learn THREE never-before-published hookups for your Web Spinner.  Each one incorporates part of the famous Fearson Hookup, and each is explained in detail.
  1. You'll learn the walk-around method used throughout the Web Spinner demo.  This clever rigging allows you to get in and out of the hookup right in front of your audience!  They'll never suspect a thing.
  2. Learn a method that replicates much of the original Fearson technique but thanks to the Web Spinner, your hands are free!  For many, this will be an improvement over the standard Fearson Hookup.
  3. Learn the incredible NO-POCKET technique.  That's right... use your Web Spinner without a pocket!  This won't require any special clips, velcro, etc.  Just you and the Web Spinner.  In fact, you could do this one naked.... and it wouldn't hurt a bit!  (This technique can be used with your current hookups as well.)
In this downloadable tutorial video, Steve Fearson tips a treasure-trove of diabolical methodology that will turbo-charge your Web Spinner... and your IMAGINATION!

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