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Original Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread+Vectra Line DVD or Download

Vectra Super Strong Invisible Line enables you to do things that simply can not be done with any other thread.

This video will show you exactly what makes Vectra Line so special.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll see:

The amazing FULL DECK LEVITATION, the demonstration that helped popularize the Vectra Line is explained in depth.

Steve also details his incredible FLOATING APPLE routine where an apple appears to float up to your mouth and you take a bite out of it!.

Cause an ordinary fork to suddenly JUMP out of an ordinary wine glass.  And there's nothing attached to either one!

Then there is the rarely seen ANTI-GRAVITY HAMSTER illusion!  If you’ve ever seen a hamster levitate then you know that this trick alone is worth the price of the video.

Approximately 40 Minutes of Amazing Levitation Magic

Yes, there are a LOAD of ideas on this DVD!

  • The Full Deck Demo
  • The Floating Apple
  • Floating Soda
  • Alternate Hookup
  • Floating Robot
  • Flying Bug
  • Spinning Floating Top
  • Floating Quarter
  • The Mouse Trap
  • Moving Bottle
  • Spirit Fork
  • Electronic Floating Cigarette

The Stripping Secret

In addition you'll learn Steve's thread stripping secret, never struggle with invisible thread again!  Lighting theory for thread work is also discussed in depth.  Finally, Steve shares his advice on how you can make any levitation you perform look as REAL as possible!  This info is INVALUABLE to anyone serious about thread work and this alone is worth many times the price of the DVD

Included in the full DVD package - Sample of Vectra Super Strong Invisible Line - Sample of Fearson’s Master Wax - The Vectra Line DVD shot in high definition.

Available as a download, a shipped dvd with thread and wax included, or a combo of both.

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Original Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread+Vectra Line DVD or Download