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If you had the chance to do just one trick to save your life, this is the trick you would want to do.  Seriously.

Read the description carefully, it is 100% accurate.

This is just one example of what you can do with Christopher Kenworthy's Mastermind:

A registered, notarized envelope is mailed to the mayor several days before your performance. Inside this absolutely unprepared envelope is one very ordinary blue backed playing card. The envelope is held by the mayor until the time of the performance and is not tampered with in any way.

On the day of the peformance, a red deck is displayed.  All cards are clearly shown to be different and the deck is fairly shuffled and cut.  Please note that there are no long or short cards, no roughed cards, no stacked arrangements, no marked cards, no stripped cards, no crimps, no false counts, and no sleight of hand involved whatsoever!  Everything is fair and above-board.  The cards are openly spread in front of the entire auidience to confirm that the are in  fact thoroughly mixed.

The cards are spread face down across the table allowing for a completely fair selection.   The selection process is immaculately clean, you do not influence their choice in any way and they really can pick any card.

The spectator themselves slides the card from the deck and the card is immediately turned face up to reveal it's value.  You draw attention to the envelope which is still in the possession of the mayor and has not been tampered with, instructing the mayor HIMSELF to open the envelope and remove the contents.

Inside the envelope is a single blue backed card, that exactly MATCHES the card they just selected!

These are the UNPRECEDENTED conditions of Mastermind:

 No forcing the selection, they really can pick any of the cards.

 No rough and smooth.

 No duplicates.

 No stacked deck.

 No fake envelope, wallets or switching devices!

 You really mail the prediction, it's really in the envelope!

 Even if someone peeks at the prediction, you're ok. ...a first in prediction effects!

 Can be done over the phone, between two cities.

 Absolutely no sleight of hand required, it almost works by itself!

Another twist on Mastermind

The routine as described is performed for a local radio host. Once the card has been selected, you ask the host to look in the classified ads of the daily newspaper. There he finds an ad placed by you, thanking the radio station, giving your contact details, and revealing the card he just selected.  You placed the ad days before!  

But guess what?

You don't need a big show to do Mastermind, it's perfect for any situation.  And it's so easy to do, it's perfect for performers of any skill level.  Whether you're performing for an audience of one or one thousand, Mastermind is sure to be one of the strongest tricks you will ever perform!

Mastermind has been performed by the Amazing Kreskin on BOTH the  "The David Letterman Show" and "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee."

Special thanks go to Hiro Hirata for sharing this unparalleled magical effect with the magic fraternity.

Note: Mastermind comes in red Bicycle stock only



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