Locking ITR with Vectra


This is the most advanced Invisible Thread Reel yet!

The Locking ITR with Fearson's Vectra Line super strong invisible thread has everything you could ask for in a reel, and more.  An injection molded body with the new open spool design to make rethreading a breeze.  No more sucking thread through a hole.  In fact you don't have to pass the thread through a hole at all thanks to the easy to use open eyelet.


Locking allows you to perform with no tension on the thread.  This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and makes this new ITR the ultimate thread manager!

Now you can perform effects like the Floating Rose that require no tension on the line.  This has previously been impossible.  The Locking ITR makes it easy.
As a Bonus, you'll learn all these incredible effects:
  • The Floating Dollar Bill
  • The Haunted Pack - Locking ITR version
  • Rising Card Routine
  • Floating Finger Ring - Fearson
  • Ghostly Touches
  • Impromptu Hanted Match Box
  • Unarmed Card Sword
  • Mentalist's Dream (this is crazy)
You receive the Locking ITR, the companion DVD and bonus paperwork with several routines.


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Customer Reviews:

by Louppe B
Excellent ! This is a very professionnal product in magic.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]