G-SHARP - Anti-Gravity Sharpie

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Steve Fearson's Anti-Gravity Sharpie, G-Sharp is a prop that no magician should be without.  And with a new mechanism created in response to your requests, it's better than ever!

You probably already carry a Sharpie marker, why not carry one that can DEFY GRAVITY at any time?  And it does it without any threads, wires or magnets!

You can use it as a quick bit, suspending it from your fingertip.  The spectator is unable to duplicate the feat.  But you can do it with a pen they just examined!

Or you can perform a complete suspension illusion with the Anti-Gravity Sharpie and a couple of playing cards.

It's like a mini-illusion show that fits in your pocket!

gsharp on box gsharp magic trick on finger gsharp illusion on card
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The choices are limited only by your imagination!  Fearson's Anti-Gravity Sharpie is a surprising and memorable bit of business that not only uses a familiar object but an object you're probably already carrying.  So it fits right into any routine.

  • No Threads Wires or Magnets!
  • No Sticky Stuff!
  • Yes, it writes!  Use it like an ordinary Sharpie!

The best tricks are simple in method, and this couldn't get any easier.  The Sharpie does all the work, you take all the credit!

The Anti-Gravity looks, feels and writes just like an ordinary Sharpie.  Except this one can defy gravity.  And with no complicated setup, it's one of the few suspension / levitation illusions that can be performed at the drop of a hat, ANYWHERE... ANYTIME!  Close-up and surrounded in FULL LIGHT!  It's an attention-getting piece of eye candy that will have your audience saying HOW and WOW!

"...I recommend this highly! It's clean and commercial with a visual impact that will turn some heads and widen some eyes!"

- Richard Busch (full review)

Your package will include the G-Sharp gimmick and access to the G-Sharp website and training video. 

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