NEW ZENITH - Rising Sharpie

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A powerful, visual illusion in the palm of your hand!


Steve Fearson's New Zenith uses modern technology to recreate a classic and fantastic effect with a BRAND NEW METHOD!

An ordinary Sharpie marker laid across your palm suddenly begins to RISE!  It slowly rises up, up, until it's standing straight up on it's end... right in the center of your outstretched hand!  This looks FREAKY!

It stands there for a moment and then begins to slowly DESCEND, back down until it is again laying on your palm.

You immediately hand the Sharpie out for use... it looks and writes like a normal Sharpie!





Perform this ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in ANY LIGHT!  And you can do it FULLY SURROUNDED!  This may be the ultimate close up trick.  It's practical, visual and surprising.  In fact, it may be the most practical levitation / suspension effect you can perform and it's EASY TO DO!


  • No Threads!
  • No Magnets!
  • No Kidding!


The effect also lends itself to some risque' humor should you decide to go that route.  Use it as a lie detector.  Or a hottie detector.  With a little imagination you can get a lot of milage out of this nifty prop.

Fearson's New Zenith can be combined with G-Sharp, the Balancing Sharpie to create a truly baffling routine.

Important points to consider about Fearson's New Zenith:

- New Zenith can be perfomed with a borrowed pen.  The Sharpie is absolutely ordinary and can be examined.

- New Zenith can be repeated again and again.  This makes it the perfect trick for walk around or street magic.

- New Zenith uses a new method for a rising pen.  This is NOT your grandfather's rising pencil!

You receive the Sharpie marker, access to the video tutorial and the New Zenith Gimmicks.


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