Master Wax - Flesh Color

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Is your wax letting you down?  The Master Wax is Steve Fearson's preferred blend of flesh colored premium magician's wax specially formulated for thread work.

Invisible thread work demands a wax that is tacky and pliable, yet hard enough to hold the thread firmly so that it doesn't pull through the wax and come loose.  This wax meets all those requirements!

Most blends of wax are too soft for thread work allowing the thread to pull through or tear loose from the wax, resulting in an embarrasing situation.  When they do work, they often leave a sticky mess on your hands or props. 

Fearson's Master Wax solves these problems once and for all.

It will stick firmly to a fingernail, playing card or other hard surface and comes off clean!  It will not cause a mess by sticking to your skin or clothing like other brands.  But most importantly...

Fearson's Master Wax Holds Thread Tight!

Because it's harder, a smaller amount can be used.  It can also be used again and again, so a little bit goes a long way.  And since it's flesh colored, it's more stealth-like than traditional white wax.  It is a near perfect match for the fingernail color of any breed or creed.

Approved for use with Vectra Line!

This is the recommended wax for use with the Master Levitation System and the only wax suitable for use with Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread. 

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