Steel Ball and Tube Kit

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The Steel Ball and Tube is an excellent trick that often gets overlooked as a "beginner trick".

That is simply not true!  It's a pocket sized mind blower, something any magician worth his salt will have with him all the time.

The trick by itself is pretty straightforward and easy to do.

A steel ball and tube are handed out for examination.  The audience is told to take note of the fact that the ball will not fit into the tube.

The magician places the ball on top of the tube and with after a few magic words are spoken, the ball begins to slowly melt downwards into the tube!

The ball continues to sink into the tube until it's out of sight.  Then suddenly, it peeks out again... slowly emerging upwards until it is back where it started.  Seated on top of the tube!

Both the ball and tube are again handed out for examination.  There is nothing to find!


Here's a video of a random dude showing you the most basic part:


This looks absolutely freaky and like we said, it's easy to do.

As a bonus, we're throwing in the best book on the subject of the ball and tube mystery, "Magic With a Steel Ball and Tube".

The book contains every move and routine possible with this clever device.

Order today and receive The Steel Ball and Tube with full instructions plus the bonus book, "Magic With a Steel Ball and Tube" for one crazy low price!

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