Universal Vanisher

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Vanish a multitude of objects with this amazing device!

The Vernet Universal Vanisher is professionaly molded out of a memory plastic that can adjust to fit objects of different sizes and shapes.

Vanish spoons, markers, lighters, coins, mints, lipstick, the sky is the limit!

This is NOT just another pull.  The award winning design makes this the ULTIMATE pull and one of the most versatile props ever developed.

  • Objects can be borrowed!
  • Easily retrieve the object!
  • No sticky stuff, nothing to replace!

The objecs you vanish can be BORROWED because they do not need to be gimmicked in any way!  The special design will grab onto just about anthing that can fit in it.  This allows for endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination!

The color of the device and it's anatomically friendly design make it easy to handle and conceal.  The retraction system is strong and reliable.  This is an absolute must have prop you'll find dozens of uses for!

You receive the Universal Vanisher and full instructions.

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