Silk Rabbit from Hat Trick

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These are just great.  Super soft high quality silks.  Brilliant, crisp colors and sharp artwork.

You display a large, brightly colored silk with a picture of a magic top hat on it.  Both hands are shown empty as you drape the silk over your fist and poke your finger into it, creating a little well.

Now you reach into that little well as if you are reaching into the picture of the hat itself and ask, "what does every magician carry in his magic hat?"

Of course everyone knows it's a bunny and with this you pull a smaller silk out of the hole, from nowhere at all!  And what's more, it has a cute picture of a bunny on it!

The effect plays well for all ages and can fit in your pocket, what more could you ask?

Ok, order today and we'll throw in a thumbtip (which you'll need to perform the trick), and we'll ship it for FREE anywhere in the world!

Included:  1- 18" silk w/ hat, 1 - 9" silk w/ rabbit, 1 - Thumbtip, Printed instructions

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