SHRINK - The Shrinking Cigarette

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What a way to cut down on your smoking!

Shrink is a pocket trick you'll want to take with you everywhere.

You display a cigarette and a fancy metal cigarette holder with a gold cap.  In order to cut down on your smoking you explain that you keep the cigarette in the holder as long as you can. 

When you finally take off the cap and dump out the cigarette, it has magically SHRUNK to 1/10 of it's original size!

And everything can be handed for examination... you're completely clean!

SHRINK is hilarious, easy to do and topical.  Of course you don't need to be a smoker to get a BIG reaction with SHRINK!

Very easy to do, no sleight of hand required.  The clever gimmick does all the work!

Comes with everything you need to perform.  Metal holder, cap, special cigarette, tiny cigarette and special reset device.


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