Gypsy Balloon - Tony Clark

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Award winning magician Tony Clark has just turned the classic Gypsy Thread trick into a show stopping performance piece of the highest caliber.  He has taken the classic routine to new heights... LITERALLY!

This is a trick you will find enless opportunities to perform.  It plays HUGE on stage as well as close up at street level.  And you can give the balloon away at  the end.


Here's a clip of Tony closing his show in Lake Tahoe with this tremendously visual and entertaining routine:


"After seeing Tony do his Gypsy Balloon Routine, I was blown away. Tony has found a way to motivate and elevate the classic and powerful Gypsy Thread trick into a truly powerful piece of magic and theater. His routine is actually too good to release and I wish I had the exclusive rights to it. This is something I would put into my show immediately and I predict a lot of people will do just that."
- Danny Cole

You receive full instructions on DVD, along with 30 feet of the perfect thread with breaks easily but is thick and bright enough to be seen from stage.  Helium balloons are not included.  (Hint from the eMagic Supply staff: Most dollar stores carry helium ballons and mylar balloons can last a long time.  Small tanks of helium can also be had at most walmarts and party stores.)

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