Out of Order - Angelo Carbone


Angelo Carbone's Out of Order is quite possibly the most baffling pocket trick ever invented. 

Four cards are displayed in numerical order, and they are RIVITED together.  They can be fanned for display but since they are held together with a metal rivet, their order can not be changed. 

The cards are handed to a spectator who is asked to close the fan, which they do.  The magic words are  spoken and when the spectator opens the fan again... two of the cards have SWAPPED PLACES.  They are now OUT OF ORDER!

It happens right in their hands and the cards REMAIN in their hands to be examined!

  • No Sleight of Hand!
  • Virtually Self-Working!
  • Nothing Added or Taken Away!

You'll have as much fun as your audience with this trick, it's a joy to perform.  You may fool yourself!


"One of the most baffling self-working card tricks I have ever seen!"
-Genii Magazine

"Possibly the BEST table hopper on the market!"
- Geoffrey Radford

"Words fail me to express how happy I am with it."
- Ted Biet


Each unit is painstakingly hand-crafted by the creator, Angelo Carbone. 

This trick is hard to get your hands on.  We have a very limited quantiy and once they're gone... they're gone!

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