Clear Thru - Impromptu Bill Penetration


This DVD includes TWO awesome illusions, each of which alone is worth more than the price of the DVD.  You get Lonnie's Clear Thru and his other outstanding borrowed bill penetration routine, Clean Thru. 

In the first, a bill visibly MELTS through another bill.  For a follow up, you penetrate the bill with your FINGER... rip through it sideways and IMMEDIATELY show the bill to be restored.  You then RETURN THE BILL to it's owner, there is NOTHING to find!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The finger through bill seriously fooled the HECK out of everyone here at the shop.  We seriously had NO IDEA what was going on, even after repeated viewings!

It's one of those things that when the explanation is revealed, it's a head slap moment.  The method is so clean.  None of the things we THOUGHT may be going on actually were going on.

The bill really is an ordinary, ungimmicked, borrowed bill.  There are no tears or cuts in the bill.  There is nothing added or taken away.  There aren't even any secret or hidden folds or bend that can't be seen in the video.  It's just good, clean, and very magical fun.  What an effect to add to your arsenal of impromptu magic!




If you like tricks that can be done with NO GIMMICKS and BORROWED props at a MOMENT'S NOTICE this is exactly what you've been looking for.  This combination of tricks may be the best impromptu bit with a bill we've ever seen. 

The bill penetration is a popular plot and there are other versions employing gimmicks.  This is AS EFFECTIVE and MORE DECEPTIVE than all of them.


"I don't fool easily.  That being said, this completely fooled me.  The method caught me totally off guard.  It's great...  really great."

- Steve Fearson

The DVD is top notch and includes performances of the routine in front of a live audience.  This one gets 3 thumbs up from the eMagic Supply team.  Don't pass it up!


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by Abel K
The video was very clear and simple to follow. My Magic Club, "The Magic Ring of Smoke" here in Seattle; It was received well after my performance.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Jens E
I am very satisfied of the quality of the product.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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