Bubble Zombie - Losander


Losander's Bubble Zombie is one of the most unique and visually stunning levitations ever created.  It is an honest to goodness SHOW-STOPPER!

You blow through a cigar sized tube, creating a large soap bubble which hovers momentarily in space in front of you.

Now you hold out a large silk and the bubble seems to dance just above the silk, defying gravity.

Next you do the IMPOSSIBLE as you drape the silk OVER the floating bubble and instead of bursting, the silk hangs from the floating bubble as if the bubble has become solid!  PLEASE NOTE:  This will produce audible gasps from your audience.  It is literally breathtaking!



The bubble should pop or fall to the ground but instead it RISES upwards, carrying the silk along with it!  You have to tug gently on the silk to keep it from floating away.

You pull the bubble back down near to you and with a tap of the finger you POP the bubble under the silk and the silk goes completely limp at your fingertips.  The bubble is nothing more than a memory, now replaced by the thunderous applause of your audience.

One of the most beautiful and baffling routines ever created by levitation expert, Losander.  You'll be proud to add this to your show.

Includes:  The secret gimmick, foulard (silk) and a DVD so you can learn from the master himself.

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