COSMOSIS - Original Floating Match


A card is freely selected and signed.  Any BORROWED match is placed on the back of the card. 
At your command, the MATCH FLOATS off the card, hovering above it!  You can even pass a solid finger ring over the match while it is floating!
The match gently decends back onto the card and again... Everyting can be examined!

Originally created by Ben Harris in 1986, The Cosmosis Floating Match has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.
Through the years there have been many imitations but none compare to the original.  This is the genuine article, direct from Ben to you.
"The match really seems to float off the card...
and fills everyone with wonder."
- Doug Henning
  • Very Easy To Do!
  • Perform It Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Resets Itself, Repeat Immediately!
What you'll receive:
1. Gimmicked card in poker sized stock.
2. Clear instructions plus handling tips.
3. Secret gimmick replacements.


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