STASH by Dan Harlan


Dan Harlan is one of magic's greatest creators.  He's able to produce effects that are not only devilishly clever, but thoroughly entertaining as well.  Stash is a perfect example.

(Spoiler Alert: Skip this next part and just watch the demo if you want to be surprised)

You borrow a dollar and display a Sharpie marker.  You instruct the owner of the dollar to watch you carefully, keep their eye on the money and do NOT be distracted by the MAGIC marker!

Instantly, you uncap the pen with one hand!

You tap their bill twice with the pen and show her that a mustache has appeared on George's picture!

The spectator is holding the pen as you begin to fold the dollar.  As you are folding the bill, you instruct the spectator to cap the pen.  The moment they do, the dollar changes visibly into a brightly colored note! As you unfold the note, it reads, "Ready?", then "Okay, then..." and finally, "Please Uncap the pen."  When they do, they are STUNNED to find their dollar INSIDE THE PEN!  That's George alright... mustache and all!

WARNING: This effect will induce spontaneous profanity!

You receive the following with your purchase:

The specially modified Sharpie marker that automatically changes in the spectator's hands

Aquick release tool for resetting the pen

One perfectly pre-folded note ready to use

A full 30 minutes of detailed video instructions featuring Dan Harlan

The comprehensive video instructions are a joy to watch and make learning a breeze.  There's nothing like learning one-on-one from the creator himself and you'll be able to access the video instructions immediately after you've completed your purchase!

Although "Stash" is designed for U.S. currency Dan has included creative variations and ideas that don't require a dollar.

STASH is a fun and offbeat routine that your audience will love. And it's so easy to do, it's bound to quickly become one of your favorite effects!



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