Ritual - Dan Harlan

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Matter through matter thanks to a bit of temporal transmutation means... this Ain't Your Grandma's Necklace!

You remove and display a stylish beaded necklace you've been wearing.  After clearly displaying each bead on the cord, ALL the beads suddenly MELT right through the necklace!   Ritual is Dan Harlan's radical revamping of the Grandmother's Necklace routine.

It's magic you really can wear!
Dan has elevated the classic routine from a mere puzzle to real magic.  Thanks to the BRAND NEW handling the effect can be performed Without Cover and Completely Surrounded!  And it happens IN THEIR HANDS!  The handling is pure genius and the effect is one they'll remember long after your performance has ended.
  • No End-Switching!  
  • No Knot-Tying!
  • No Covering!  
All the beads slide along the cord and the middle of the cords are clearly shown.  Yet the beads just melt right off!
Includes the stylish necklace and detailed online video instructions.  Video includes a full performance with explanation including the professional script written by Dan Harlan plus a BONUS alternate handling.


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