The Hipster - Hip Pocket Swap Wallet

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This genuine leather 2-way wallet is the perfect size to hold money, credit cards, drivers license and of course playing cards.

It fits in your hip pocket like a normal wallet and since it's palm-sized it can be maneuvered very naturally onto the top of the deck, putting you in the perfect position for a double lift, or switch of cards. 

Check out the demo to see what we mean:

The wallet is well made and operates flawlessly.  There are no suspicious bands or elastics zig-zagged across this wallet, it's very deceptive and made specifically for magic.  Use it to make objects appear or vanish.  Cause blank paper to change into real cash, or cause writing or a drawing to appear.  The options are viturally limitless!

Order today and we'll include one red/blue double backed bicycle card as a bonus to get you started.


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