STATIC Levitation - Manoj


STATIC is a new levitation illusion from Manoj featuring his incredible STATIC levitation techniques!
This is a 5 phase theatrical routine for close-up, stand-up or stage.  STATIC is easy for anyone to learn, it uses simple methods to produce the incredible effect. In no time at all you'll be performing a smooth and apparently effortless STATIC levitation.  
Check out the demo to see how the bill remains suspended, MOTIONLESS in mid-air:

  • No complicated hookups!
  • Sets up in seconds!
  • Utilizes New Stabilizing Technique!
The instructional DVD comes with a BONUS handling that goes BEYOND impossible, check this out...
A crumpled bill is placed on the back of a spectator's hand. You cup your hands around the bill and the spectator FEELS the bill lift off!  You move your hands away and the bill that was resting on their hand a moment before is now suspended in mid-airt!  This bonus handling alone is worth more than the price of the DVD.
This is STATIC LEVITATION by Manoj Kaushal.  Comes with everything you need to perform.  Supply your own bill.

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