Float - Wallet Levitation by SansMinds


FLOAT is a brand new, self-working levitation that fits in your pocket! That means you can carry it wherever you go and perform it at a moment's notice with no additional setup. Check out the demo to see how cool this looks!

The included gimmick fits into any standard bi-fold wallet and is designed to float cards, and even money for a truly sensible and natural levitation effect that is easy to learn and perform!

  • Self-Working!
  • Self-Contained!
  • Easy to Do!

Comes complete with gimmick and DVD so you can get started right away.

* Television broadcast rights not included, can be negotiated separately if necessary.

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Customer Reviews:

by larry t
It does not work with my fire wallet. I carry it all the time, it also is a little clumsy to use. Neat affect, needs some design improvements.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]