Fearson's Fidget Flite - The Flying Fidget Spinner!


Don't think you can trick people into thinking you have a flying fidget spinner by hanging your hand spinner on the end of a piece of sewing thread or fishing line. That might work on youtube but in real life, only Fearson's Flying Fidget Spinner can be demonstrated to float CLOSE-UP in FULL LIGHT... right under their noses!

The fidget spinner is the hottest toy out there and is quickly becoming one of the most familiar and curious items around. Imagine the reaction you'll get being the first on your block with a real-life FLYING FIDGET SPINNER! Powered by the latest Vectra technology to make the impossible a reality.


This item is in production, anticipated arrival date is June 1st.
Pre-order NOW to reserve yours and ensure delivery from our first batch, these are bound to sell out quickly.

Comes complete with a lighted LED Fidget Spinner and comprehensive online video tutorial.

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