WWW - World Wide Wonder

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 by Stephen B
This is a good product except for 2 things. 1: When I view the video it is at the bottom of the scr...

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 by Joe D
Génial ! Un truc vraiment bien pensé.Steve Fearson est encore le meilleur :)

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 by Mark G
This is, really, a great idea. I have never had any interest in tricks that involve the use of smart...

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 by J M
GOBSMACKER!!! Absolutely a winner, already had a re-booking and been asked to perform WWW again! M...

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 by Joseph C
Incredible effect on lay audience! Working restaraunts I did the effect and they loved it! After the...

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 by Murl H
Let me explain, simple and effective! You borrow a deck you direct the person to go to a website on ...

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