G-SHARP - Anti-Gravity Sharpie

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 by Mark W
What clicking sound? You must be thinking of another product there are no moving parts therefore no ...

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 by Jan Harry H
The idea is great! The weakness is the clicking sound which I think easily could be eliminated by a ...

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 by Louppe B
Very simple system, very easy to use, to have always with you.

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 by Gregory W
I just received my G-Sharp. What a great prop, well thought out. It gives you the ability to do a ve...

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 by Steve S
Great effect for impromtu performances. Simple operation and very versatile.

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 by Philippe M
Very easy to perform and beautiful effect! i really enjoy it

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 by John B
Always in my pocket when I leave the house. Excellent quicky. Brought it out at the bait store on th...

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 by Jim C
Fearson is one of the best but I am somewhat disappointed in this product. It is a neat gimmick but ...

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 by William H
AWESOME! Keep 'up' the good stuf! Arrived very fast. Easy to use practically out of the package. (bu...

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