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 by Reagan J
This is the most amazing levitation tricks I ever see, you can even fool magician who have experienc...

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 by douglas j
really impossible i had no idea, and been working with steve products for many years..i will call th...

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 by John B
Got mine today and can't wait to do it at the club. They've seen the floating penny, dollar, etc. Th...

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 by Stephanie B
I don't want to give away the secret so bear with me. Steve Fearson has created a very inventive ...

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 by Michael V
After many years of supporting Steve's inventions, I've come to associate his thinking with Ingenuit...

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 by Steve S
Levitation impossible is real magic! I am a "table magician" using only what is at a dinner table, n...

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 by Andre B
It's a new technology come out from the mind of Steve. It is very clever and subtle. I recommend it....

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 by James D
I've been doing levitations with borrowed bills for years. But the bill spinning inside the glass fo...

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 by Christopher K
I've been a fan of Steve Fearson since I first learned his floating cigarette in the early 1990's. H...

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