Ritual - Dan Harlan

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Ritual is a great new take on a very old principle. It's a way of doing Grandmother's Necklace without tying any knots or reversing any ends -- a very straightforward and direct penetration of beads through cords while the spectator holds the ends of the cords. Don't confuse Ritual with Ritual Necklace, Dan Harlan's earlier, very good, but not so innovative, version of Grandmother's Necklace -- this looks different from any use of the principle I've ever seen before. The equipment you get consists of stuff you could easily get yourself at hardware stores and craft shops, but, as Dan has noted, to put this together yourself would cost you almost as much as buying it from Dan (or from eMagic Supply), and that way you would not get Dan's excellent, detailed, clear video instruction on two different handlings of the trick. I got this from eMagic, the only supplier other than Dan himself authorized to carry it, and the service I got from eMagic was good. The only problem I have with this is that I am an old guy who cannot wear a necklace like this without looking ridiculous, so, contrary to the advertising, this is not "magic you can wear" as far as I'm concerned. I may just recruit some young person to wear it for me as though it's theirs, and I will "notice" that they're wearing it and ask to "borrow" it for a minute, do the magic, then "return it" to my secret assistant.
Date Added: 01/17/2013 by Alan M