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I got this effect, by bundling it, and World Wide Wonder. The effect is strong, but does not play well with WWW, it is definitely a case of picking one or the other for a performance. I like the setup and again I think this is another good merging of Technology and Magic, without having the technology BE the magic.

Not being able to use both together effectively I think brings this down a star. The other issue that is prevalent is that on the first load the site often buffers - for a LONG time. This can be problematic especially on an impromptu setup. (The site taking a long time to load sometimes throws heat that the technology is doing the work, which it absolutely isn't)

The price is great, and it is a very good opener - make the initial connection with the spectator get a few laughs and BOOM magic.

I personally will not be using this one that often, but it does have its merit.
Date Added: 07/15/2014 by Brian K