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ELECTRICK - Steve Fearson $14.95

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ELECTRICK - Steve Fearson

NEW MAGIC FROM STEVE FEARSON! Harness the power of ambient energy to magically charge a spectator's phone!   Coming Soon, Stay Tuned...

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If there is one trick people associate with magicians more than any other, it's making a rabbit appear. But pulling a rabbit out of your hat at a restaurant or coffee shop just isn't...
Cobra Hot Rod Mod $40.00

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Cobra Hot Rod Mod

Brand New from Steve Fearson! Shift your Cobra Reel into Overdrive with the Hot Rod Mod!       Transform the functionality of your Cobra Reel by INCREASING or DECREASING both the...
Cobra Remote Control Module $150.00

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Cobra Remote Control Module

There is currently a 3 day lead time on this item. Expect shipment 3 days from the time you place your order. The Cobra Remote Control Module allows you to control your Vectra™ Cobra Reel from...
Free Energy System $75.00

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Free Energy System

Video:  Find out how the Free Energy System came to be From the most powerful mind in magic.  Magical power at your fingertips! Energize yourself or another object!  Perform...

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