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Floating Apple Kit $60.00  $55.00

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Floating Apple Kit

The Floating Apple gives new meaning to the phrase, "Light Lunch". An ordinary looking apple moves mysteriously and then begins to LEVITATE into the air!  It is now apparent that...
BUG Writer by Vernet $25.00

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BUG Writer by Vernet

The nail writer is one of the most useful tools of a mentalist.  With it you can create devestating mentalism effects that cut to the bone.  Chilling effects...
Fingertip Set by Vernet $22.00

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Fingertip Set by Vernet

The Vernet thumb and finger tips are quite literally the finest props of this nature you can buy.  Nobody does it better than Vernet.  The skin tone is perfect, the texture is...
DNA by Mark Jenest and MagicSmith $20.00

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DNA by Mark Jenest and MagicSmith

  With Mark Jenest's DNA - YOU'RE GUILTY of performing an eerie effect using an idea that's hot off the headlines.   You reveal the identity of a selected card by...
Flaming Thumb Tip - Vernet $20.00

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Flaming Thumb Tip - Vernet

This is the ideal accessory to be used with candles routines. The Thumb Tip Flame may be used as a gag or combined with flash string or paper and for misdirectional purposes. Think about this:You...
The Floating Bill - John Kennedy $20.00

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The Floating Bill - John Kennedy

Includes Kennedy's Incredible Z-Webs Gimmick! Borrow a dollar bill as you bring out a pen. Fold the bill and rub it against the pen "to generate a static charge." Suddenly the bill...
Invisible Thumb Tip $16.00

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Invisible Thumb Tip

This trick was designed specifically to BURN magicians but your audience doesn't need to know that.  They'll love it because it's the cleanest vanish they're likely to ever see!...
The Levitator $16.00

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The Levitator

Float a BORROWED cell phone, iphone, camera or other electronics device!  Heck, you could even float a soda can, coffee mug, you name it! The best magic is simple.  It doesn't get any...
Universal Vanisher $16.00

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Universal Vanisher

Vanish a multitude of objects with this amazing device! The Vernet Universal Vanisher is professionaly molded out of a memory plastic that can adjust to fit objects of different sizes and shapes....
Floating Apple - Prop Only $10.00

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Floating Apple - Prop Only

Ultra-realistic lightweight floating apple. Apple can be easily supported by one strand of Vectra Line invisible thread. Click the image to the left to see a larger, actual unretouched photo of the...
Silk to Egg - Vernet $10.00

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Silk to Egg - Vernet

The magician pushes a silk into his hand, gestures magically and reveals that the hand how holds an egg! Offering to explain the trick he reveals that the egg is in fact a hollow plastic egg with a...
Fake Cigarettes for Manipulation / Levitation $5.95

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Fake Cigarettes for Manipulation / Levitation

I used these all the time in my restaurant work.  They're perfect for anyone who doesn't smoke or for performing in a non-smoking environment.  The only problem is, they look so...