Learn the Secrets of Levitation and Thread Work

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Master Levitation System - Download $30.00

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Master Levitation System - Download

Even a beginner can learn to use the Master Levitation System and it will be like you've moved to the head of the class as far as your audience is concerned. You can do card tricks all day that...
Thread Bullets DVD or Download $15.00

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Thread Bullets DVD or Download

It's Thread Magic like you've never seen it before! Over two decades ago Steve Fearson blazed the trail, charted the course and set the world of thread magic in motion with his famous Fearson...

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Levitation Impossible is the solution to a challenge posed nearly 20 years ago.  A challenge that until now, was impossible.   The challenge as posed:  To cause an object to animate...
Web Spinner DVD - Amazing JoeJoe $27.50

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Web Spinner DVD - Amazing JoeJoe

This is the DVD thread workers around the world have been waiting for.  The Web Spinner DVD is finally ready and it's a winner! Starring none other than the creator of the Web Spinner,...
RISE - The Elemental Bill $5.00  $3.00

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RISE - The Elemental Bill

Cause a dollar bill to jump off the ground and into your waiting hands simply by blowing on it!    Place that very same dollar UNDERWATER and with a snap of your fingers it RISES to the...
Vectra Line DVD or Download $20.00

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Vectra Line DVD or Download

Buy Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread today and get $10 off this item! Place both items in your cart to see the discount + Vectra Super Strong Invisible Line enables you...
Web Spinner Add-On - Fearson's Handling $5.00  $3.00

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Web Spinner Add-On - Fearson's Handling

Join the Master of Levitation, Steve Fearson as he teaches you how to unleash the hidden power of the Web Spinner. Amazing JoeJoe's Web Spinner is the All-In-One Thread Device.  It makes the...
X2 Stealth Hookup $5.00  $3.00

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X2 Stealth Hookup

Suspend borrowed objects on the tip of your finger!  Pens, silverware and much more can be balanced in an impossible way, under bright lights just inches from their eyes. The object defies...
The Floating Bill - John Kennedy $20.00

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The Floating Bill - John Kennedy

Includes Kennedy's Incredible Z-Webs Gimmick! Borrow a dollar bill as you bring out a pen. Fold the bill and rub it against the pen "to generate a static charge." Suddenly the bill...
Ascension - Digital Levitation $20.00  $3.00

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Ascension - Digital Levitation

NEW!  SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO... A complete stranger appears to levitate over ONE FULL FOOT in the air in BROAD DAYLIGHT, completely SURROUNDED! Hard to believe?  You bet it is....
The Levitator $16.00

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The Levitator

Float a BORROWED cell phone, iphone, camera or other electronics device!  Heck, you could even float a soda can, coffee mug, you name it! The best magic is simple.  It doesn't get any...
Fearson's Floating Cigarette - 20th Anniversary Edition $20.00

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Fearson's Floating Cigarette - 20th Anniversary Edition

Fearson's Original Floating Cigarette Routine has become the standard against which all other levitations are judged.  A modern day classic, it truly is the final word in close-up...