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Amagazing - The Amazing Magazine Test $10.00  $8.00

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Amagazing - The Amazing Magazine Test

"Amagazing is SO strong, and the method so deviously simple, you'll feel like you're performing REAL magic!  It really is the next best thing to having actual psychic powers!" ...
BUG Writer by Vernet $25.00

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BUG Writer by Vernet

The nail writer is one of the most useful tools of a mentalist.  With it you can create devestating mentalism effects that cut to the bone.  Chilling effects...
Easy Mentalism $1.00

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Easy Mentalism

INSTANT DOWNLOAD! - Welcome to the easy world of mind reading and mentalism.  The techniques and effects revealed in this ebook will enable you to put on a terrific display of mentalist and mind...
Free Energy System $75.00

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Free Energy System

Video:  Find out how the Free Energy System came to be From the most powerful mind in magic.  Magical power at your fingertips! Energize yourself or another object with Fearson's Free...
Intuition System Replacement Sharpie $12.00

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Intuition System Replacement Sharpie

Should the very special Sharpie you received with Fearson's Intuition System ever run out, we've got replacements!   This modified Sharpie marker is suitable for use with the Intuition...
Magician's Mind Control $1.00

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Magician's Mind Control

Magician's Mind Control Is Mentalist's Best Friend! Download it now and turn anyone into a mindreader! In this routine, you ask someone to assist you in an...
Mental Directory - A REALLY Big Book Test $5.00  $3.00

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Mental Directory - A REALLY Big Book Test

QUESTION: What's the most familiar book in the world? The one book that EVERYONE has?   HINT: It's a book that boasts a larger circulation than the best selling book of all time,...
Mental Epoch - The Future Foretold $1.00

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Mental Epoch - The Future Foretold

Predict the answers to FOUR different questions with UNCANNY accuracy! Picture this...  You ask someone to select a color, a shape, a number and a playing card.  Before...
MICRO MACRO - A Cosmic Coincidence! $10.00  $5.00

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MICRO MACRO - A Cosmic Coincidence!

Steve Fearson's Micro Macro is a direct and hard-hitting card trick that's effortless to perform. Two decks of cards are displayed as a representation of our micro-macro cosmic universe. One...
Mystic Pizza - HOT Magic FAST Delivery! $1.00

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Mystic Pizza - HOT Magic FAST Delivery!

Some pizza places brag about being able to deliver your pizza in 30 minutes or less. But when you're hungry, 30 minutes can seem like an eternity. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a pizza...
Telepathy - Subtle Mysteries #2 $5.00  $3.00

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Telepathy - Subtle Mysteries #2

Telepathy - Wireless Two Person Communication Telepathy is a technique that can be used by two people to create the illusion of telepathic communication. The following information is an example of...
The Intuition System $30.00

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The Intuition System

Imagine being able to predict the answer your audience will give to ANY QUESTION.  Over and over again, with 100% accuracy. This is Fearson's Intuition System. Fearson's Intuition System...
The Pentalist - Serious Mentalism With Pens $1.00

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The Pentalist - Serious Mentalism With Pens

If you're looking for a trick you can do anywhere at anytime with ordinary objects that is 100% examinable then this is for you! The pentalist is an impromptu mentalism effect which requires no...
The Station Manager Document $10.00  $3.00

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The Station Manager Document

"Apparently simply reading the PROCEDURE on paper does not induce the trance state, or insanity. It is only the attempt to recollect an actual performance of it that causes trouble." ...
WWW - World Wide Wonder $10.00  $3.00

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WWW - World Wide Wonder

Picture this.  You write something on the back of a napkin which remains in full view throughout.  A card is selected and returned to the deck.  You explain that like everything else,...
X-Ray Vision : Subtle Mysteries #1 $5.00  $3.00

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X-Ray Vision : Subtle Mysteries #1

Imagine being able to see through playing cards, as if you had X-RAY EYES like Superman!  This diabolical secret allows you to look at the back of a playing card and reveal the color of it's...