Magic Tricks Performed With a Mobile Device or Smartphone!

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PHONE CARD Magic Trick $10.00  $3.00

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PHONE CARD Magic Trick

Picture this...  You are just finishing up a phone call as you approach a couple at their table.  You tell them that was the manager of the establishment and he asked you to entertain them...
Ascension - Digital Levitation $20.00  $3.00

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Ascension - Digital Levitation

NEW!  SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO... A complete stranger appears to levitate over ONE FULL FOOT in the air in BROAD DAYLIGHT, completely SURROUNDED! Hard to believe?  You bet it is....
PSYCHIC MONSTER $10.00  $3.00

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It's the most natural thing you can do, share a link to an amazing site and laugh at some funny youtube video. And then suddenly... MAGIC HAPPENS! Steve Fearson's Psychic Monster is the...
WWW - World Wide Wonder $10.00  $3.00

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WWW - World Wide Wonder

Picture this.  You write something on the back of a napkin which remains in full view throughout.  A card is selected and returned to the deck.  You explain that like everything else,...