Props for Levitation Tricks and Thread Work

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Premium Floating Forks - Prop Only $10.00

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Premium Floating Forks - Prop Only

These Premium Floating Forks are new for 2013. They are greatly improved compared to previous versions.  No translucency or need to worry about backlighting.  The finish is thicker, more...
Floating Rock - Prop Only $12.00

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Floating Rock - Prop Only

These rocks look like a chunk of asphalt but they weigh under 3oz.  Can be supported by a single strand of the original Vectra Line. They're not the most realistic rocks ever produced but...
Floating Apple - Prop Only $10.00

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Floating Apple - Prop Only

Ultra-realistic lightweight floating apple. Apple can be easily supported by one strand of Vectra Line invisible thread. Click the image to the left to see a larger, actual unretouched photo of the...
Fake Cigarettes for Manipulation / Levitation $5.95

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Fake Cigarettes for Manipulation / Levitation

I used these all the time in my restaurant work.  They're perfect for anyone who doesn't smoke or for performing in a non-smoking environment.  The only problem is, they look so...