Master Wax - Stealth Black


Steve Fearson's Master Wax now available in non-reflective STEALTH BLACK for hooking up in all the sneaky places black comes in handy!  Also perfect for attaching invisibly to black playing cards for your favorite levitation effects.

No more worries in close quarters, they'll NEVER spot your wax.  And of course Fearson's Master Wax always COMES OFF CLEAN!

Invisible thread work demands a wax that is tacky and pliable, yet hard enough to hold the thread firmly so that it doesn't pull through the wax and come loose. This wax meets all those requirements!  And because it's harder than standard magician's wax, a smaller amount can be used.

Fearson's Master Wax Holds Thread Tight!

An absolute MUST for the serious thread worker.

Approved for use with Vectra Line!

Recommended for use with the Master Levitation System and the only wax suitable for use with Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread.


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by Joe D
Nice steve Fearson is the best and ingenious i love your magic :)Quality A1 for all

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