The Floating Bill - John Kennedy


Includes Kennedy's Incredible Z-Webs Gimmick!

Borrow a dollar bill as you bring out a pen. Fold the bill and rub it against the pen "to generate a static charge." Suddenly the bill floats above the pen, hovers a moment, then floats back down and lands on the pen! 
Place your hand near the pen and the bill floats over and lands on your hand. Then it lifts off and floats back to the pen. Finish by gesturing with your thumb and forefinger and the bill eerily lifts off the pen and slowly floats right between your waiting fingers! At the conclusion you can give the bill back to the astonished owner, leaving no clue to the amazing levitation. 

The Floating Bill can be performed completely surrounded because you are not anchored to a wall. Nothing is attached to your ear, finger, or any part of your body. Plus there's no reset - just put the pen back in your pocket and you're ready to perform it over and over again! 
Floating Bill comes with John Kennedy's complete illustrated routine and includes his exclusive "mini Z-Webs" gimmick. You provide the pen.

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by Jens E
Even if it is an "invisivle" thread it is very important to think about the lighting problems (back-lighting, day light, etc). Little bit difficult to strip the thread. But it is a very good trick.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]