Flying Mustache - Movember Moth


WOW... What an ending!

This is a different kind of levitation.  It starts out innocently enough, but things escalate quickly.  It goes from surprising to shocking to silly faster than you can say magical mystifying mustache.

We don't want to spoil it for you, just watch the demo.  Enjoy!
Crazy right?  As you can see, this is the perfect trick for "Movember" but it's great any time you want to get your laugh on.
You start with a dead bug in a jar, it looks sort of like a catepillar, sort of like a piece of paper.  

Then it begins to move.  Suddenly it POPS out of the jar and FLIES... HOVERING in the air, as bugs like to do.
It's the rare Movember Moth and the next phase of it's life cyle is taking place on your FACE!  Suddenly it shoots through the air, planting itself firmly onto your kisser for a magical moment your audience will remember every time they watch an episode of Magnum PI.

Joking aside for a moment, this ending simply can not be beat.  In fact, we're going to go out on a limb here and say that this may be the best ending to a close-up levitation yet!
  • Start Clean!
  • End Suave!
  • Get LOL's!
You really do start clean.  There is nothing hooked to you at the start, you set up right in front of the audience.  The method used to unreel the thread can be applied to other props and routines.  
The unique setup of this effect also eliminates any rotation of the floating object.  The mustache flies perfectly to your face when you want it to.  With no last minute surprises.  The method here too can be applied to other floating objects and routines.
Even an experienced thread worker will find value in this short but inspired tutorial video
You receive the video tutorial and printable mustache template with helpful construction information.  Although the video assumes some prior knowledge of thread work, everything is revealed in detail including the complete setup for the moth routine. 
Today you can get the Flying Mustache and a Vectra Thread Bullet FREE when you purchase the Master Levitation System.  

Or download just the Flying Mustache now for $5.  You will need a few common objects / props to peform which you probably already have and are readily available. 

Q. Do I need a reel?
A. No, you do not need a reel or thread device.

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