Vectra Cobra G2 Electronic Invisible Thread Reel


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The best reel on the planet just got better. Introducing the next generation, the Vectra Cobra G2. The G2 features a new motor that runs smooth, strong and SILENT! It's smooth-as-silk release minimizes bouncing and a SLOWER, steady retraction produces the most natural levitations EVER! It also sports a new self-locking cover, allowing for easier access and an even FASTER reset than the original Cobra!

The Vectra Cobra Electronic Invisible Thread Reel is the first electronic reel designed by the Master of Levitations Steve Fearson, specifically with the power of Vectra™ in mind.  The Cobra G2 is the 2nd Generation of this amazing device.

The Cobra is strong enough to harness the full power of Vectra, taking it to it's limit without breaking the thread.  And it works with Original Vectra thread AND Vectra X2 right out of the box.

Watch full screen in HD or on youtube.

What could you do with a device that can release and retract nearly 50 feet of the legendary Vectra Invisible Thread?    The Vectra Cobra Reel can do exactly that.  

Release huge lengths of the powerful Vectra thread and the Cobra retrieves it for you, perfectly coiled and ready to strike again and again.  

ImageCOMPACT AND STEALTHY - The Cobra is about the size of a pack of gum and can hide in a card box, cigarette pack or an Altoids container with room to spare.  This means you can actually perform with the reel in your hands and no one will suspect a thing!

Take a mint from a tin and levitate it into your mouth.  Float a cigarette from a box or a card from a card case.  The Cobra can be hidden inside all of them... HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT!  
AUTOMATIC LOCKING - With a Thread Bullet at it's core, the Cobra can be set to release a predetermined length of thread and then stop, automatically locking and allowing you to perform with the preset length under NO TENSION.  This gives you maximum control during your performance.  
The reel can then be activated to secretly retrieve your length of thread, while remembering it's locking position for the next performance.

This device does everything you've come to expect from a reel and more.  But there's something else the Cobra can do that puts it in a class by itself. 

THE COBRA IS MODULAR AND EXPANDABLE - The device has no built-in switch, instead it has a port.  Switches are interchangeable giving you multiple options for activation and operation depending on your performance needs.  Activate the reel with the push of a button, the wave of a hand or with no perceivable movement at all.  It's up to you! 
The Vectra Cobra offers you complete control during a performance by allowing you to switch it on and off secretly and precisely using a variety of modules or switches.
MODULE #1 - On / Off Pressure Switch
This switch plugs into the Cobra and allows you to activate it with the slightest touch.  You can use this switch to discreetly reel in thread after a performance and it comes in handy when setting up the reel or loading it with different thread.
MODULE #2 - Always On (ITR Mode) Switch 
This switch allows you to work in "always on" mode, turning your Cobra into a standard thread reel.  The thread will always be under tension, ready to retract into the reel at any time.  You can do all the routines you would normally perform with a traditional reel.
MODULE #3 -  Gravity Tilt Switch
This switch can be plugged into the side of the Cobra and will allow you to activate and deactivate the motor by tilting the reel.  It's the same type of switch that's used in a mobile device or tablet to detect which way the screen is being held.  This tiny, sensitive switch is easy to activate with no visible button to worry about.  You can use this when the reel is concealed in a box or tin and activate it with an imperceptible tilt. 
All three switches can also be used remotely by attaching the simple extension wire.  For example, the Mercury switch could be attached to your arm while the reel remains hidden in a pocket.  In this way you can precisely control the activation of the reel with empty hands. 
BONUS MODULE - The Sidewinder
This ingenious module allows you to use the Cobra with no pockets, short sleeves and empty hands... and still maintain complete control over the device, turning it off and on at ease with no suspicious moves.  This little guy is going to BLOW YOU AWAY, you'll really feel like Spiderman when you're using this rig!
The Vectra Cobra is able to evolve and adapt to meet your every need.  The base unit and the "stock" switches can be used in endless ways and that's just the beginning. Since the reel is modular there is no limit to what we can achieve with it in regard to increasing it's functionality. 
Additional expansion modules are available separately and we're working on more all the time!
  • NEW! Hot Rod Spool Set - Easily change tension and speed (Available NOW!)
  • RF remote control module (Available NOW!)
  • Digital programmable timer module (Available NOW!)
  • Turbo Power Pack module - SUPERCHARGE your Cobra (Coming this month!)
  • The Centipede Mobile Controller for Android & iOS (Coming Soon!)
The design makes it easy to hack the device and create your own modules and switches. Toe switches, motion switches and the like can all be easily adapted to fit your device.   Several ideas are included.
Besides Floating Candy, Cards and Cigarettes you will learn how to...
  • Move objects from up to 40 feet away!   (Example video)
  • Cause bills, silks and more to slither across the room and rise to your fingertips!
  • Perform a super-clean vanish that will leave them scratching their heads!
  • The Vectra Cobra G2 Reel Base Unit ($179.95 separately) 
  • Module - Pressure Switch ($59.95 separately) 
  • Module - Always On Switch for ITR mode ($9.95 separately) 
  • Module - Mercury Tilt Switch ($24.95 separately)
  • Bonus - The Sidewinder Gimmick
  • 3 Foot Extention Cable ($7.95 separately)
  • Elastic Wrist Band ($7.95 separately)
  • 2 Vectra™ Thread Bullets ($40 separately)
  • Vectra™ X2 Stage thread  ($20 separately)
  • Fearson's Master Wax - Black  ($10 separately)
  • HD Tutorial Featuring Steve Fearson 
  • Requires one AA battery not included 
Every Cobra is assembled with care by Fearson himself, pre-loaded with Vectra line and tested TWICE to guarantee it will be working perfectly upon arrival. 

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by Christopher K
I've owned every IT dispensing/retracting apparatus on the market, both manual and electronic. The Vectra Cobra surpasses all of them. It's more than a dispenser of IT, it allows you to make objects look like they are really floating. Fearson's Vectra thread has become the gold standard. Anytime someone comes out with a new reel, every asks "can you use Vectra with it"? No longer! Because the Cobra was invented by the same guy that invented Vectra: Steve Fearson! There isn't a reel on the market that gives you the control over IT like the Cobra and control is what using IT is all about. Without it, objects dance unnaturally. With the Cobra, they just...float. Stop using reels that never live up to their ad claims. Start using the greatest invention since the reel itself, The Vectra Cobra!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Marc P
I just love my Cobra! I used to hate using an ITR because the thread used to break all the time and the thread replacement was a hassle. Not so with the Cobra. The fact that it uses the Thread Bullet makes things so much easier. I was also worried about the electronics, but everything fits so nicely in a little plastic box and is very well put together. I can tell Steve worked really hard on this one. I use the pressure switch most of the time and hide the device in a card box that goes in my shirt pocket for perfect stealth. The applications seem to be endless...and there are other switches to choose from that work really well depending on what you want do. It is worth the investment. Steve is a great innovator of thread magic. And if you haven't heard yet, his Vectra thread is by far the strongest thread on the market. Get it!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Charles S
Cobra Review I don't often do reviews, mainly due to lack of time....but, this time I just have to! Being the recent owner of my brand new Cobra, I feel I must convey my very positive feedback to all of you who are still hesitating on investing in the Cobra. I have worked with various forms of ITRs and levitation devices in the last ten years. Cobra blows them all out of the water....literally (especially if you combine it with Rise). The modular approach to Cobra, its simplicity of repairing a broken thread, quality of materials and workmanship, makes this the ultimate. Steve Fearson does it again, yeah!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Richard H
The cobra Reel has some wonderful features. The EASE of which you can fix a broken thread is fantastic and you can switch out the "bullet Thread" for one using a different TYPE of thread with the same ease that you can repair a broken thread although I have found that the "VECTRA" thread works best. The ultra thin "VIRTUOSO" thread seems TOO thin to work with in the reel, it breaks just as soon as I attempt to reel it in. I will use the nearly invisible VIRTUOSO thread to perform miracles using Steve's classic thread hook up over the head. (floating cigarette). This device is electronic and MODULAR! it gives you three different options (so far) as to how you want the reel to act in regards to the status of the thread's "taught"ness or lack of altogether by switching out different "plug" in switches. I love this device as I do all of Steve's various inventions and methods and feel that it is still under development in that by reducing the battery and motor size, steve will

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 reviews)

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