The Goodbye Vanish Self Vanish Illusion

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Did you ever wish you could VANISH COMPLETELY?  You know.. one minute you’re there and the next you’re not?

Well now you can do EXACTLY THAT with Steve Fearson’s Goodbye Vanish illusion!

Here’s what’s inside...

The Goodbye Vanish

Vanish and reappear anytime, anywhere with this totally impromptu routine. This is a routine you can perform for a single subject that requires no props whatsoever!

The Metamorphosis

Change into another person! The techniques you will learn in the Goodbye Vanish can be altered slightly to create the illusion of you becoming someone else, just inches from your subject. Again, there are no props required.

The Poltergeist

Make a Poltergiest appear! Scare the living daylights out of your subject by making a poltergeist not only appear in the room, but physically attack them. This is one they’ll never forget. Also 100% impromptu.

BONUS! The Monkey Vanish

This is a one person illusion in the same genre as the Fantastic Floatation or Copperfield’s Laser sawing. It’s a complete routine based on an amazing principle which will allow you to vanish and reappear in a real world situation for any size audience. YES.. you can do this one in a living room!

(The monkey vanish includes a description of the routine and rough sketches of the working of the illusion. These are not blueprints or construction plans. The illusion is a costume that can be carried in a vehicle to any show.)


"The goodbye vanish is the solution to an absolutely impossible problem. About 10 years ago I took it upon myself to reinvent 3 of magic's greatest stage illusions, adapting them so that they could be performed in a close up situation. The three illusions were the levitation of a person, the sawing in half illusion and the vanish.

The levitation was eventually worked out and appeared on the market as the Fantastic Floatation. The sawing illusion was worked out, but was sold to David Copperfield.

This is the vanish.. Enjoy it!"

- Steve Fearson

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by Mathew a
Is there some type of video on this trick or a more better clear explanation? Is it called a different name somewhere else.. Anyone Anyone... ??

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by don h
very dissappointing. something we did in the hallways at elementary school.

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars [1 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)