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Easy to do Sleight of Hand Card Magic for Beginners by international award winning magician Steve Fearson. - Download it now and start performing right away! 

"Steve Fearson is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. His ideas are fresh and original."

- David Copperfield -


Do you want to know a secret that magicians don't want you to know?

Most card tricks are actually very easy to perform.

You may be surprised to learn though that the majority of card tricks depend on a few basic techniques and concepts.

What's more surprising is that these basic techniques are actually very easy to learn, and once you've mastered them you can use these simple techniques to perform literally hundreds of card tricks.

Now you can perform amazing sleight of hand card tricks faster and easier than ever before with "The Basics"

The Basics won't bog you down by trying to teach you every possible sleight ever invented like many magic "courses". This is magic speed learning. You'll learn only what you need to get to the good stuff.. performing the tricks!

The Basics have been compiled by a successful performer with years of performing experience. These are the same exact techniques he used in his professional work and to win several international awards.

There are three volumes available, covering each of The Basics. The instructions are easy to follow and each volume is beautifully illustrated with dozens of color photographs.

At the end of each volume you'll find tricks you can perform immediately using only the techinques you've learned in that volume. And these tricks aren't your run of the mill card tricks.. they're blockbusters!

Take the Signed Card in Wallet for instance..

A selected, signed card appears in your wallet. That's right, we said signed. And this trick is from the first volume!

Only Steve Fearson could supply you with tricks of this magnitude and make them easy to do. You'll do this one the same day you get the books.. and every day after that!

Now is your chance to benefit from another's experience. Get on the fast track to being able to perform literally hundreds of amazing card tricks with an ordinary deck of playing cards.

There are no trick decks or gimmicked cards here. The Basics are true sleight of hand.. the real work.

After years of field testing during actual performances these techniques were found to be the most useful, packing the most "bang for the buck".

>> This is magic speed learning.

>> It's Basic Training for card magic.

>> There is nothing else like it.

Here's just a taste of what's inside these volumes..

card controls

Volume 1
Card Control

Handling the deck
Quickly learn how to handle the cards like a pro!

2 False Cuts
You can cut the deck without really cutting it!

2 False Shuffles
Devestating false shuffles you can learn in minutes.

Signed card in wallet
A signed card appears from your wallet! No palming.

Card at any number
You cause a card to appear at any number named!

The Card Shark
A card is named and.. BAM! You cut right to it!
forcing cards

Volume 2
Forcing Cards

Classic Force
Learn the same method a pro would use on you.

Cut Deeper Force
The easiest way to force a card in existence.

Riffle Force
This looks fair as can be but it's actually 100% devious!

Envelope Prediction
A sealed envelope contains the name of a selected card!

The Royal Flush
You flush a card down the toilet and it appears in the..

Ashes on Arm
A card is magically revealed in ashes rubbed on your arm!
the double lift

Volume 3
The Double Lift

The Double Lift
Probably the most important move in card magic.

The Block Pushoff
Like a genetically altered version of the double lift.

The Break
Because man can't live on double lifts alone.

Card Mutation
One card changes to another in the spectator's hands!

Ambitious Card
A card magically rises to the top of the deck!

#1 Stunner Aces
The Aces prove they're #1 in magic by changing places!

...and this is only a partial list! Check out the detailed list

"This has to be about the best value item I've ever bought. Santa really did come early this year!"

- Justin Wilkdom - (happy customer)

Many of the moves you'll learn are classics of magic, and most have never been explained before so clearly and with so much attention to detail!

'The Basics' are excellent, a very detailed and well set out guide to card magic. I've used 3 of the effects already and I only got it last night, so thanks!

- Luke Roberts - (UK street magician)

As a bonus each volume contains a "Pro Tip" from Steve Fearson, a piece of advanced knowledge. Not necessarily anything difficult, just a tip you couldn't get any other way except from a professional with years of experience.

And as we mentioned before, the tricks we teach you at the end of each volume are blockbusters! Each one is a treasure in it's own right.

Click here for the detailed trick list

What is the best way to learn sleight of hand?

Any experienced magician will tell you that a book or manuscript with clear photographs is the best way to learn sleight of hand.

Unlike a video, a manuscript moves at your pace. It doesn't keep going while you look down at your cards or struggle to get the hang of a certain grip or move.

Later on when you're practicing and need to refer back to a certain sleight in the instructions you don't have to load the tape again and search for the spot you need. Our manuscripts come with a detailed contents page so you can reference any part instantly.

And contrary to popular belief, you will actually get much more material from a comparatively priced book or manuscript than you will from a video. That's because many videos are full of "fluff". Scenery, music and fancy camera shots aren't going to make you a better magician. Why pay for it?

Another important reason that we put The Basics into a manuscript form rather than video is because we realize that downloadable videos can be problematic for many of you. You might not have the right software or may be worried about downloading a large file.

Each volume of the basics is less than 1 megabyte in size. That means it's small enough to be sent to a hotmail box and it can be downloaded in just moments even over a slow connection.

The Basics is available for instant delivery as a 3 volume set of the highest quality downloadable ebooks available anywhere.

There are almost 30 tricks and sleights in the set, illustrated with over 60 photographs.

And you can have the entire set right now for one very low price.

Please note:  These ebooks are in .exe format and are not mac compatible.

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by Gilvam C
As it says, it´s basic and more oriented for beginners. Comes in a ZIP files and contains 2 EXE files so don´t get scared. It´s simple but I guess it could come with a few extra pictures since beginners sometimes need more info specially on the shuffle part. If I were a beginner, I would give it 4stars. More effects would help bring it a little higher.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]

by Sidartha L
The name says it all, if these letters in initiating or are an advanced, is something that must necessarily have, easy understanding, easy execution =)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)