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Picture this.  You write something on the back of a napkin which remains in full view throughout.  A card is selected and returned to the deck.  You explain that like everything else, magic is going mobile.  That's what the note on the table is about.  To save time and make everyone's experience more efficient and hygienic, you'd like them to complete the trick by going online to the website you wrote down before the trick started.

When they pull up the site on their mobile they are greeted by a video of two hands against a dark background, holding a deck of cards.  The mystery magician searches through the deck, removing and revealing a card... but it's just a random card.  Until he magically CHANGES it into the EXACT card the spectator selected moments earlier from your deck!

The effect can be repeated.  For the same spectator... using the same website.  The card will be different.
Later on when they're telling their friends about you (and they will), they will return to the site and find yet another, DIFFERENT card.  This one will have them wondering long after your performance is over.  And it will be the one they want you to show their friends.  Which you can, with yet a different card!  And always at the same website.  They type it in, you don't touch a thing.  In fact, everyone in the room could use their own device to visit the same site, and they will all see the EXACT SAME THING.
The impact of the effect on the spectator is especially significant since it uses their phone, a device which they use every day and with which they are intimately connected.  The memory of your performance will be in good company, right between their facebook friends and twitter pics.
The Decoder Gimmick - Hidden in plain sight.

Only YOU know which card the magician will reveal, thanks to a secret gimmick that attaches to any card box.  We call it the decoder.

Several years ago, Steve Fearson became aware of an alternate information network that could be tapped into anywhere... even WITHOUT a mobile device or internet access.  You only need to access a tidbit of data from this "secret" network and the decoder converts it to the VALUE and SUIT of the playing card your spectator will see when they visit the site.  This is how you know which card to force.  Thanks to the clever design of the decoder, you can easily obtain the value and suit of TWO cards should you wish to repeat the effect for the same group.

Just attach the gimmick to the outside of your card box and you're LOGGED IN to the system.  Anywhere you go, able to access the value and suit of the card that will be revealed when ANY spectator opens the prediction site... on ANY mobile device!
The gimmick requires no connections, wireless or otherwise.  It is stealthy.  So stealthy in fact that the card box could be thoroughly examined without anyone detecting the gimmick.  Like a chameleon, once the decoder attaches itself to the box... it becomes part of it.  This will make you smile.
This "secret" network is available everywhere and no gimmicks or tools are required to get the small bit of data you need.  You do need to momentarily be near to another piece of common electronics to access it.  This will allow you to grab the small bit of data you need to use the decoder gimmick, which in turn secretly indicates to you the value AND suit of the card.  You're able to do this in an instant, right under their noses.  It's EASY, you already know how to do it.  You've just never realized it.  
Once you know the card you'll be working with, you're ready to perform.   And the performance options are many.  Whether you joke about saving time and energy by going online to finish the trick, or use it as an out when you can't find a card, sort of an updated Magician's Insurance Policy, your audience will find it to be a fresh effect with a personal touch.  And it leaves them with something to wonder about when the return to the site later and see yet another card.  It's a trick that keeps them wondering, long after your performance has ended.
Bonus Handling - 100% Impromptu
Regarding the decoder gimmick, we're not talking about batteries, remote controls or complicated electronics.  This is low-tech.  You don't need another mobile device or even an internet connection to use the gimmick.  In fact, you don't have to use the gimmick at all.  Read on...
Also included is an alternate system for decoding the data without using any gimmicks at all.  This means you can BORROW a deck of cards and do the trick anywhere someone has a mobile device.  That's right, the decoder gimmick is NOT completely necessary.  Just like the functions of the calculator on your computer can be done in your head, the data can be converted into value and suit WITHOUT the gimmick.  You'll be able to walk into a room, secretly obtain the data you need and convert it in just seconds using only the muscle between your ears.
You will need to know how to force a card.  The gimmick can't do that (yet).  The gimmick will tell you which card to force.
Worldwide Wonder is delivered instantly by download.  You receive the easy-to-follow pdf instructions, the name of the reveal website and a drawing of the gimmick that will enable you to easily create your own..  The decoder gimmick can be made in 15 minutes using any ordinary inkjet or laser printer.  
This is a trick that doesn't take up any space in your case and will put a smile on their face anytime, anywhere you see someone with a mobile device.  (works with desktop pc's too)

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by Brian K
I bought this effect on sale. As a person who works for a software company, and also a Magician, i want to incorporate tricks that use technology, without making it "about" the technology. I was skeptical after reading the description - and I was so wrong. THIS EFFECT WILL FRY THEM! My family, having had to deal with being the beta spectators for any new effect, has seen it all, almost literally. Practice Practice Practice - sometimes to their detriment. I prepared to give this one a shot after I learned the really easy method (FYI the instructions provided on how to run the effect without the gimmick were perfect, and I had no need for any of the additional devices) I performed this at the family first. This is one of hte few times that I elicited actual screams, and explinations that ranged from - "You were doing the video as we watched it" to "Aliens" This went instantly into my repertoire and I have performed it quite a few times - the fact that as long as they have a de

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Stephen B
This is a good product except for 2 things. 1: When I view the video it is at the bottom of the screen and a little difficult to see. 2: The big one...Unfortunately I live in a 'halh-hour' timezone, that is the time here is GMT + 9:30 hours so the calculation for the revelation does not work as published, fortunately it is not too hard to correct, will just have to make my own gimmick. All said it is great fun and easy to perform - just allow enough time for a spectator to enter and bring up the web page - some people can be faily slow or have a slow connection.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by Joe D
Génial ! Un truc vraiment bien pensé.Steve Fearson est encore le meilleur :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Mark G
This is, really, a great idea. I have never had any interest in tricks that involve the use of smart phones, or anything else electronic. I figure, what's the point? This trick, though...Fearson has basically come up with a web-based rolling stack. (Sort of.) You could do the trick twice within a matter of minutes, for the same group, with a different outcome. You might even want to--it would probably fry the spectators, since they're the ones with control over device. I think there's a sad trend in magic today, the one-trick DVD. Some of what I've seen lately, priced at $25 plus shipping, used to appear with four or five other tricks in $10 lecture notes. This trick, though, is very reasonably priced. The instructions are clear. The method is very well thought out. It's worth ten bucks just to see the thinking that went into it--but you certainly ought to get your money's worth performing it. If you have any kind of card-handling skill, and know people who have internet access--you

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by J M
GOBSMACKER!!! Absolutely a winner, already had a re-booking and been asked to perform WWW again! Magic-of-Cabalah

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Joseph C
Incredible effect on lay audience! Working restaraunts I did the effect and they loved it! After their dinner they asked me back and wanted to see that trick again challenging me saying I couldn't do it because it was going to be the same card? They were so completely stunned when I did it and it worked with a different card I got a $20 tip! Thanks Steve!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Murl H
Let me explain, simple and effective! You borrow a deck you direct the person to go to a website on there smart phone, Thunderous applause! The end, straight forward, no mucking about. At 10 it's a steal! Remember you will not be disappointed! I promise.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)