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It's the most natural thing you can do, share a link to an amazing site and laugh at some funny youtube video. And then suddenly... MAGIC HAPPENS!

Steve Fearson's Psychic Monster is the ULTIMATE device based trick.  You can do this anywhere someone has a device they can get online with. An iphone, a tablet, anything with a browser.

Just picture how easy it is to get into this one...  "Can you get on the web with that?  I saw the craziest site!"  And you're in.

You're not pulling their leg either, you have something crazy to share.  At the site they're greeted by a popular online personality, a little creature known for being dramatic.  You explain that he's billing himself as an online psychic now and he answers questions.

They ask the Psychic a question and click for an answer.  And they get an answer.  After a couple questions and a few more simple answers it becomes apparent that the psychic is more like a Magic 8 Ball toy.  He's throwing out random vague answers, "Yes, No, Ask again later, etc."

You ask if they would like to try to stump the Psychic with something more specific, by selecting a playing card.  But first they are invited to press the button as many times as they like to confirm that he just spits out random answers, like spinning a roulette wheel.  When they're satisfied that this is the case you proceed to have a card selected asking them to remember it without revealing it.

You tell them that whenever they like, they should ask the Psychic what card they're concentrating on.  They do and this time instead of random Magic 8 Ball answers, he reveals the EXACT card they're thinking of!  Both the value and suit are revealed in a surprising manner.  This shocks the HECK out of them! 

Points to Consider:

 - You never touch their device, or even look at it.
 - They tap the same, single button for every answer.
 - The video is the same every time, only the answer changes.

Of course they will want to press the button again and you can't stop them. It's THEIR phone remember?  So they do, and all they get is random "magic 8 ball" results.

Sure they'll beg you to do it again and believe it or not... YOU CAN and YOU DO!  You can do it again and again, with a different card each time.

Remember, you NEVER TOUCH their device.  You don't even have to see it.
You do not need a device of your own and you have no secret connection to the internet.
You do not need to access any administrative site or do anything to set this up, outside of knowing which cards to use.
No memory work or calculations are required. If you can force a card, you can do this.
No secret assistants are used. This is a one-man effect.

You can even borrow the deck. It doesn't get any more convenient than that!

Simple, Natural and Familiar = Maximum Impact 

This is what really separates Psychic Monster from the rest of the herd.  It's not some contrived site or app they've never seen.  What you're doing is 100% natural, familiar and enjoyable.  In fact, the site is fun even without the magic.

Fearson's Psychic Monster incorporates humor, pop culture, and mystery together into a digital masterpiece that we consider the most perfect device-based magic trick yet.  

It's the most natural thing you can do, to strike up a conversation by sharing a link, laugh at some funny viral video and play an online game.  They won't suspect what's coming and this is what puts you in the best position you can ever hope to be in as a magician.  You've led them far down the garden path and into the rabbit hole... completely unaware that it's all a trick.  When they see the Psychic Monster reveal THEIR CARD, they're going to feel like they got sucked through the looking glass with it. This hits them... HARD! 

As  an icebreaker this can't be beat.  People like to show off their phones and asking someone if they have internet access is as natural as asking them what time it is.  Others will naturally join in, eager to see what's on the screen.  And the fact that their own phone is behaving in such an unexpected way is especially perplexing to the owner of the device. They'll be thinking of you and this trick for a long time to come, every time they use their phone.

You receive the link to the Psychic Monster website, easy to follow pdf instructions and the list of the revelation cards.  You will be performing this just minutes after reading it.  Use any deck.

This is devilishly clever thinking from Steve Fearson.  It will fool your audience, It will fool magicians. 

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by Sidartha L
Funny is the word that describes this trick, kids love it, and adults love at all times and find someone with a mobile device, so you can surprise with anytime =)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

This works, but there are some conditions to keep in mind when using it on mobile devices. Both Android and Apple (iOS) devices have disabled the autoplay function for videos. This means people have to type the URL, then click the red button to start the video playback. Then you need to click the yellow button and then the red button again to play another video. This confuses some spectators. On desktop browsers, most support the autoplay feature, so only one click, on the yellow button is needed. I would give it 5 stars if they could find a way to make autoplay work on mobile devices.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by John M
Would get five stars if it worked on more devices. As it is, distracting delays or outright impossible progress make it awkward and less effective. Probably some Java modifications are necessary.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]

by Arie E
i liked, its different, and spectators love it thanks

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by Murl H
I get a lot of cool stuff off this site. A lot of great deals and a lot of really useful tips and advice! This is just plain fun, a bit goofy, and brilliant. Folks get this and be happy you did. It's two effects in one! I really enjoy a great trick and a surprise ending and this has it all!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)