TRIC TAC - Tacky Magician's Wax


Fearson's Tric Tac Magician's Wax strikes the perfect balance between tackiness, malleability and strength. Use it for any effect that requires a sticky magician's wax. It softens quickly in the fingertips and the translucent pellets are nearly clear when pressed onto a playing card or fingernail. Disguised as a box of Tic Tacs, you can grab one right in front of your audience without them suspecting a thing. And it sticks to virtually anything without leaving a mess. 

  • Perfect Tackiness
  • Perfect Size
  • Perfectly Hidden in Plain Sight

This wax can stick cards or coins together or put a card on the ceiling. It's strong enough to use for light thread work too. (For heavier work we still recommend Fearson's Master Wax.) If you've been working with dental wax or some other sticky wax, you're going to wonder how you ever got along without this.


Card IN CeilingYour purchase includes access to Fearson's Card IN Ceiling trick, explained for the first time on video. If you like the card on the ceiling, you'll LOVE the card IN the ceiling!

A signed card is shuffled into the deck and the deck is wrapped with a rubber band. The magician tosses the deck up to the ceiling and the spectators signed card gets stuck IN the ceiling.
About an inch of the corner of the card is IMPALED in the ceiling.. and the spectators signature is clearly visible across the face!  
This is a one they'll never forget!

The box contains over 200 pellets of Tric Tac wax and the access link to your Card IN Ceiling video tutorial featuring Steve Fearson.

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Customer Reviews:

by Christopher K
Forget the dental wax you get from the drugstore or “wax pellets” in magic stores that are nothing but trouble to work with. TRIC TAC is the answer we’ve been looking for. It has the PERFECT tackiness needed to perform our illusions. You can actually remove a pellet in plain sight because of the container’s clever disguise.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]