The POD - Electronic Levitation Device


With the POD worn somewhere on your body you're able to levitate virtually any lightweight item.
The POD is designed to be worry-free, just pick it up and go. Keep it on your belt, in your pocket on your keychain so you're ready to perform at any time. 

The POD has the basic functionality of a mechanical ITR but as an electronic device it has a big advantage over a traditional ITR. The tension on the POD does not increase as you move further from the levitating object. You can be across the room and still have complete control. It also allows you to use the most invisible threads, enabling you to perform CLOSE up. We're talking REALLY CLOSE, literally right under their noses! 
  • Perform Hands Free 
  • Hidden in Plain Sight 
  • Perform Close Up (really, really close!)
The POD is the perfect mix of simplicity and versatility. 
Less than half the size of a deck of cards, the POD can be hidden in a tin of mints, a cigarette box or any pocket but you can also just leave it lying out in the open. The design makes it not only innocent but fashionable. Couple it with any number of available cases, holsters and clips for a look that suits your style as well as your performance.

Pod Accessories and Holders
The POD is not an animator or a pull. It is desined to be a thread manager with a very gentle, smooth and silent operation.
Fully automatic, set it once and you're ready to perform at any time, again and again without having to reset or secretly turn it off. It lies in wait, ready to assist you when you need it. If you've been looking for a reliable replacement for your mechanical ITR and want to work with the thinnest threads available, you've found what you're looking for.
Comes pre-loaded with Original Vectra Super Strong Invisible Thread.
Release date delayed, POD is in the final stage of production. For live updates please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Our introductory offer has ended. Last chance to reserve POD now to ensure availability on the release date. Final preorder limited to 50 units, grab yours now they're going fast!

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