Vectra Cobra G2 - Base Unit


Every Base Unit Comes Preloaded With 50' of Original Vectra Super Strong Thread! ($20 Value)

The Cobra G2 Base Unit requires at least one additional module or switch to function. A llst of currently available modules and switches can be found at the bottom of this page. 

New motor runs smooth, strong and SILENT. Smooth as silk release minimizes bouncing and a slower, steady retraction produces even more natural-looking, magical levitations. 
New cover with integrated locking system makes opening and closing the reel a snap. Reset a broken thread and get back in the game in just seconds!
The G2 base unit is compatible with the original Cobra switches, which are required to operate the unit. Owners of the original Cobra can upgrade to the new model by purchasing this base unit alone. If you just want a second reel to use with modules or switches you already own, of if you want to build your own Cobra package this is also what you're looking for.

Looking for a full package of Cobra switches, threads and gear at a discount price?

This purchase is for the base unit only and does not include thread, switches or anything else included in the full Cobra package. The full package can be found here.
You can build your own Cobra by purchasing switches individually or just dive in and follow Steve Fearson's advice on building the Ultimate Cobra Package. Check out this video.

Owners of the original Cobra can upgrade to the G2 with the new motor and cover by purchasing this base unit, it is fully compatible with your existing switches, modules and cables. 

The improvements in the new design were added gradually over the first half of 2016. If you purchased your unit during 2017-present time you already have the new features. Here's how to be sure:
Does your unit have the self locking cover? If your unit came with a sticker on the cover reading "slide to open", you have the new cover AND the new motor. There is no need to upgrade your unit.

Even if you don't have the new cover, you may already have the new motor. 

Does your motor have a Cobra logo sticker on it?

G2 Motor vs Original

If it does, you already have the new motor. The self-locking cover is available as a separate upgrade here.
Switches and Modules Currently Available - You will need at least one switch to activate the device.
Highly Recommended 
Not Sure Where to Start? Try the full Cobra G2 Starter Package

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