Fantasio Color Changing Lighter - Vernet Magic


Imagine borrowing a red Bic lighter, and as you pass it through your fist, it instantlychanges to white! Immediately, you show both hands absolutely empty. You can just as easily change back to red and give it to the spectator.

There are planty of routines suitable for stage, for example: You show a red Bic lighter, push it through your fist and at the same time you pull from the bottom of the fist a red silk. Finally the lighter changes to white and the hands, again, are absolutely empty.

Fantasio Color Changing Lighter
(silk not included)

Comes with two gimmicks: one to change a lighter to red and the other to change it to white.


Perfect for Close Up or Stage
Always ready
Very easy to do
Perfect to use with Fantasios Candles

A product of Vernet Magic of Argentina.

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Customer Reviews:

by Jurgen W
This prop is great for honest and dishonest magicians.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]