BUG Writer by Vernet


The nail writer is one of the most useful tools of a mentalist.  With it you can create devestating mentalism effects that cut to the bone.  Chilling effects that resemble REAL MINDREADING or psychic ability.

Write a number on a piece of paper.  Ask someone to now name a number.  With no false moves, the paper is handed to the spectator to read aloud.  And the numbers match EXACTLY!  No forces, PURE MAGIC.  This is as good as mentalism gets!

Eric Mason changed the world of mentalism with the invention of the Boon Writer, which has been called the greatest smallest gimmick in mentalism.  Some find it difficult to write well with the standard Boon Writer.  Usually the problem is instability, and lack of adhesion to the skin.

Enter THE BUG!  The BUG Writer has been specially designed to stick FIRMLY to the pad the thumb. Its special design enables it to stay firmly attached while remaining absolutely invisible to the spectator and audience, even up close!

Professionally molded in flesh colored plastic by Vernet, the thumb tip experts.  Simply the best writer available.  Writes in pencil.

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Customer Reviews:

by Joe D
Un gimmick de toute beauté simple et casi invisible et fait réfléchir bien des gens j'adore!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]