Silk to Egg - Vernet


The magician pushes a silk into his hand, gestures magically and reveals that the hand how holds an egg!

Offering to explain the trick he reveals that the egg is in fact a hollow plastic egg with a hole at one side where the silk goes.  He's explains that he's been concealing the hole all along, and slowly pulls the silk back out of the egg.

He begins to explain it again and once again, the silk changes to an egg. Now for the kicker.  The magician CRACKS the egg into a cup, yolk and all.  Somehow the fake egg has changed into a REAL egg... RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!

Great for audiences of all ages! 
Completely self-contained, the special egg does all the work!
Egg is manufactured from high-impact plastic, so it won't break.
Includes the special yolk, use any small silk.


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